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Integrated Demo App :
Progressive Web Apps Demo

A new Progressive Web App demo has been released. This Demo shows how a phone app can be integrated with a database giving powerful real-time mobile functionality. It is supported on both IPhone and Android. The Demo shows just a few of the possible features that can be implemented:

  • Uploading photos
  • Loading jobs
  • Site locations
  • Reporting on individual tasks
  • Answering questionnaires 

The Demo App utilises new technology and libraries such as framework7. 

More details about our progressive web Apps can be found on our Progressive webs Apps page along with an interactive Demo or you can contact us directly here.


         Details Page                Map Demo

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Integrated Demo App

Testing Simplified :
CMS: Now integrates QUnit for automated testing of websites

The new Test tab is now available in the CMS and makes the testing process simple and easy. This incredibly useful tool allows the developer of a site to easily debug their product.  The Test Tab utilises QUnit Testing which is a powerful, easy-to-use JavaScript unit testing framework.


The Test tab is located in the top menu when creating a new CMS website page. Under this tab there is the title 'Setup'. This is where you can create tests. To create a test simply click 'Add' located down the bottom of the screen.

Test Tab


Add Button

Clicking 'Add' will bring up the following screen....

Layout of page

Creating a Test:

On this page the tester has a few options:

  • Name: The name of the tests. Eg: "Test Page for JohnSmith"
  • Sequence: The order of when this test is run in comparassion to other tests. Eg: "55"
  • Domains Pattern: This limits the condition of when this test is run. Eg: "localhost" (This will only run when the URL contains "Localhost")
  • Disabled: When checked this disables the test from running
  • Script: Place your validation code here, for the test to pass, the script must contain an assert command to finish..
    • Eg: assert.ok( userName.match(/.*JohnSmith.*/), "Passed!" );
    • (This makes sure the users name is "JohnSmith")
  • Description: Is a quick explanation of what the script does for future reference... Eg: "Checks users Name"


Page with example data

Clicking Ok will bring you back to the 'Test' panel when you will be able to see the list of tests you have created. The test that you created will show on the bottom of the list. 


Example of Test added

Running Tests:

To run the tests go to the page you wish to run the tests on, go up to the URL bar and look for the line "CMS_MODE=PREVIEW" and change this value to "CMS_MODE=TEST";

Changing of url


Changed url


The tests will automatically start running. If a test fails a popup will notify you of the failure so the issue can be addressed.


Example of Qunit detection

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Testing Simplified

File content searching :
How to enable automatic indexing of files?


Advanced keyword searching is now available on PDF, WORD and HTML files once automatic indexing is enabled and the indexing process has been completed.

Search results

Enabling automatic indexing of file

Under the setting menu choose the tab 'Database'. 

Setings menu

Database tab


Choose "single" as the file index queue at the very bottom of the tab and then press "Apply". 

Single queue

The system will now schedule all PDF, WORD and HTML files to be indexed. The background process may take a number of hours depending on the number of files to be indexed.

The "Show Job queue" menu under Admin->Jobs will list the outstanding documents to be indexed.


  • Only PDF, HTML & .doc files are indexed. 
  • Can't search pictures etc. 
  • Password protected files aren't indexed
  • The .doc files are expected to be a supported word format see

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File content searching